Law enforcement officials bust human trafficking ring in city

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Recently,  law  enforcement  authorities  conducted a raid on  the ” COPA  CABANA”, a Brazilian  bar   located  on  Cummings  Street , Alberttown, Georgetown , and found eight  teenaged  girls  no older than 16 and some as young as 14,  allegedly  engaged  in  the  world  oldest  profession.
Reports are that they were carrying a  price  tag  that  ranged  from $50, 000 to $60,000  per night .
The raid was carried out with the support of  the Brazilian  authorities  here  in  Guyana.  It is now  alleged  that  the  female  Brazilian  owner of  the Bar, who  also   operates  the  Castillo  and   Top-notch  Bars  on  First  Avenue  Bartica ,  is  wanted  in  the  Brazilian  States  of  Amazonia  and   Roraima   on  human trafficking charges.
She is said  to  be  currently  hiding  out  in  another  State in Brazil .

One of the Brazilian clubs in Bartica

This  raid had had  a  ripple  effect  on  other  Brazilians,  especially  the  women  at these  bars  in Bartica. On  getting  wind  of the raid they immediately  fled  the  Bartica  Jurisdiction.
Many were  seen  hurriedly  leaving  Bartica  by  speedboat. Since then these bars have  only  opened  periodically  for  a  couple  of  hours  and  not  late  into  the nights  as  usual . (Edward  A  Persaud )

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