Dem boys seh…Is a confusing world

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Old people have a saying that only de good die young. Well dem boys want fuh know when young people dead why people does mek suh much fuss.
Some of de people does cry and seh how de person ain’t even start live yet. Young people does commit crime and long ago if was a bad crime de society use to hang them. Dem die young but dem ain’t good. But at de other end is dem who does live long.
Dem have this woman who live to be 110 and she still going strong. Dem boys now want fuh know how much bad thing she do.
De poor woman seh that she believe in de Man above and that she wuk hard. She never thief and she help people. That is not bad thing.
But is nuff laugh. People does always gather at de birthday of people who live long and wish dem many more years. That is why people always seh that this world confusing.
A woman sleep in de B/V lock-ups because she chop a dog that attack she sheep and other livestock. De police boss man announce that she mustn’t get bail because de dog dead and is murder.
Well dem boys waiting fuh hear de charge and then dem going to this murder trial. Dem never hear that de local police charge any dog fuh biting a human being. De world really confusing.
Then dem have this war between Digicel and GT&T. Dem claim that Digicel robbing GT&T customers but is a strange thing. Every dollar Digicel get from de robbery, it got to give GT&T a piece.
Dem boys seh that Digicel not paying any interconnection fee right now suh all de money it mek it keeping but that GT&T really banking wid Digicel. De world confusing. And what about de elections? De opposition call fuh extended claims and objections. Then de government decide fuh ask fuh de same thing and de opposition vex and don’t want it. Is a confusing world.
Talk half. Lef half.

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