Corentyne woman missing, family fears worst

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The relatives of a 46-year-old Corentyne woman are fearful that something dreadful may have befallen her, since she has gone missing for more than a month.
They said that Basmat Anantram was last seen on June 8 at her Seawell Village, Corentyne.
However what is more baffling to her relative is that she has not made telephone or any other contact with anyone. This is very unlike her, they said.
The relatives said that ever since the woman’s disappearance her husband with whom she had a rocky relationship, has been in and out of police custody.
“Now like the police believe that she husband do she something because they always locking him up but he saying he ain’t know way she deh…He say he left she home and when he go back home he ain’t see she,” a relative said.

Missing 46 year-old Basmat Anantram.

There are reports that the woman had confided in friends that she was fearful of her husband and wanted to leave the home.
Relatives stressed, however, that the woman would not willingly leave her home and not contact her children or other relative.
They are asking if anyone has information on the whereabouts of Basmat to contact her relative on 264-3238,333-4711 or 614-1363.

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