An appeal to the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Greene, D.S.S. , D.S.M

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Dear Editor,
I hereby appeal to Henry Greene Commissioner Police to resign from the Guyana Police Force.
This letter is in no way intended to disrespect or embarrass him. It is simply an appeal for him to use his better judgement and resign from the Guyana Police Force before the next General Elections.
There is a little time before the extension – passed retirement age of your service – comes to an end. Resign now and enjoy a better life. The job of Commissioner of Police is not one that can be likened to a “Bed of Roses “. It is an arduous one especially, when you are forced to do things against your conscience.
Henry, you have a heart condition and also suffer from hypertension. Sooner or later, these conditions, coupled with your obesity will lead to apoplexy – stroke. Henry, you have lost the respect of the Guyanese public and those of us in the diaspora. You are seen to protect the interests of the rich and powerful, as to that of, the less fortunate Guyanese. The Divisional Commanders, who have knowledge of incidents occurring in their Divisions, are prevented from speaking to the media.
As an experienced police officer, having once been the Crime Chief, you know that with the arrest of any drug carrier, the trail can lead you to the supplier and the drug lord. Every detective knows that, but, they are prevented from carrying out investigations leading to the arrest and conviction of the drug lord. No drug lord or influential members of the underworld can be arrested and placed before the courts without the “Fiat” of the FUEDAL LORD. Henry, you know that crime can be brought under control but, this can only be done without political interference. Henry, if you resign before elections, you will throw spoke into the election aspirations of some; there will be no time to train your successor to do their dirty work. Henry, you know that Kellawan Lall should have been charged for: (1) Discharging a loaded fire arm with intent; (2) Leaving the scene of an accident; (3) Driving under the influence of alcohol and (4) Dangerous driving.
The brother-in-law of President Bharat Jagdeo should have been charged for discharging a fire arm with intent. They were not charged because you were impotent. These are only a few. I am sure this bothers you, the Guyanese public, and those of us in the diaspora.
Henry, you are qualified and God-fearing. There is always room in the legal profession for good attorneys.
RESIGN NOW HENRY !.; Save yourself and help the nation.
Ashley Singh

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