Witness to Sophia murder dies mysteriously

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Yesterday the residents of ‘C’ Field Sophia were in a state of shock and anger following the sudden death of a young man from the community. Reports are that 25 year-old Andy Dilchand was found dead in his yard by his mother Suroj Dilchand and his younger brother at around 07:30 hours yesterday.
A resident of the area said that shortly before the discovery was made Andy visited her home saying that he was in pain and needed a cup of tea.
The woman who asked not to be identified said she did not make the tea but gave him a tablet and he left, indicating that he was going home. According to the woman, shortly after, one of the man’s younger brothers came running to her asking her to call an ambulance since it appeared as if Andy was dead.
“When he come he tell me he mother say call de ambulance because Andy dead, I say boy move from in front of me, Andy just left here and gone home.”
Doubting what she was told, the woman said she decided to go and investigate for herself. Upon entering the yard the woman said she met Andy lying in front of his door and he appeared to be dead.

Undertakers from the Lyken Funeral Home remove the remains of Andy Dilchand from his home yesterday.

The police were immediately called in as residents said they believe that there was some foul play involved. Residents of the community said that  Andy was involved in a fight the night before with his drunken stepfather. Residents told this publication that Andy’s mother has been suffering from domestic violence at the hands of her reputed husband and Andy would always come to his mother defense. Residents said that on Saturday night it was just another ‘public brawl’ with Andy’s mother and his stepfather.
“De stepfather went beating Suroj and as usual Andy jump in and de mother go away and stay by she sister after she beat up she man and nobody ain’t know wha else happen,”.
Some speculated that Andy was struck in his head while trying to defend his mother but the mother is refusing to say what really transpired.
The dead man’s mother has been described as an alcoholic who has always been defending her ‘drunken’ reputed husband and neglecting her children.
Residents say they will not let up on the matter since they are of the opinion that Andy was killed by his stepfather. There are also rumours that Andy may have been poisoned as he was said to be a key witness in a recent murder in Sophia. Richard Anthony Skeete called ‘Troy’ was stabbed to death by his ‘friend’ earlier in June. Andy and another friend was said to be the key witnesses in the matter and were expected to offer evidence in court.
The dead man’s mother and his stepfather were detained and subsequently released from police custody.

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