Robbers attack truck driver on West Bank

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Two bandits armed with cutlasses and a gun attacked a truck driver as he was heading into the Long Dam area on the West Bank Demerara to vend.
However, the men escaped empty handed as the driver Khemraj Persaud managed to drive away even as the bandits tried to shoot him.
Persaud told Kaieteur News that on Friday, last, he was on the West Bank transporting rice bran and feed in his Canter truck when the incident occurred.
He recalled that he saw a woman known to him as “Vanessa” standing with a bottle of water in her hand as she hailed out to him telling him that it was safe for him to sell in Long Dam as there were eight patrol officers on duty.
The man explained that he was previously a taxi driver and began driving his Canter eight years ago on the WBD so he knew the locations very well. He said that the Long Dam area was quite dangerous since many persons would get rob but since after “Vanessa” assured him that the area was safe he continued his journey.
This newspaper understands that along with the Persaud there was a porter at the back of the vehicle when the incident took place around 14:00 hours. Persaud said that less than two minutes after passing “Vanessa”, he saw two men approaching in his direction with pieces of wood in their hands.
He instantly began to reverse his vehicle because his instincts told him that the men were “up to no good” and would rob him.
After seeing him slowly backing out of the street, the two men dropped the pieces of wood which were blocking their weapons and they began running towards the Canter.
One of the men jumped onto the left front side of the vehicle, trying to get inside while the other who was armed with a cutlass and a gun jumped onto the right side of the Canter where the driver was situated.
“The one with the gun couldn’t get to me cause I lock up my door and drive but the other one get in a bit and start lash me in me head for a good 10 minutes or so but I still didn’t stop. Me head burst but I just drive fast and make them fall and then I go to the station,” said Persaud.
He claimed that the bandit who was armed with gun pulled the trigger but no bullets were released while the other snatched his cellular phone.
“The gun didn’t have no cartridge in it so he couldn’t shoot me”
Kaieteur News was further told that after making a report at the Wales Police Station and identifying the woman ‘Vanessa’, the police gave Persaud a medical form to go to the hospital.
“Imagine me head burst and bleeding bad and they suppose to make sure I get to the hospital but they tell me to go. I had to drive in me condition to the hospital. The police force doing nonsense,” stated Persaud.
After the necessary documentation was done, the police ranks promised to contact Persaud concerning the incident, since they had detained “Vanessa” at the police station while they were investigating.
The man is annoyed at the actions of the police at Wales Police Station since he has not heard anything of his matter to date.

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