Heroic cop stabbed in neck

July 4, 2011 | By | Filed Under News 

In an effort to save two persons from being robbed, Police Sergeant Chandradat Kuldeep was stabbed in his neck with an ice-pick by a bandit at around 2:50 hours yesterday.
Sergeant Kuldeep, his wife and friends were heading home from the National Stadium, Providence, when they noticed two men on a scooter trying to relieve a man and a woman of their valuables in front the Eccles Assembly of God church at Eccles.
The heroic Sergeant and his friends went to their assistance to stop the robbery.
But while he was serving and protecting his fellow citizens, his wife was attacked by a man on a bicycle, a police press release stated.
The release revealed that, “The Sergeant ran back to his wife’s assistance and during a scuffle with the man he was stabbed to his neck with an ice-pick. The two men on the scooter and the man on the bicycle managed to escape.”
Sergeant Kuldeep was taken to a private hospital where the wound was stitched and he is receiving further medical attention.
His condition is regarded as stable.

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