Dem boys seh…Henry tun to Mama Fiffee daughter

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Anniversary time is a happy time. That is when people does remember all de things wha happen in de past. If is a man anniversary, he does remember when he was a bachelor and how he was this and that.
If is a woman anniversary she does remember how good she been until she married de no good so and so. Is only when dem have to tek out pictures or when dem get very old or when one of dem dead that de anniversary does tek on new meaning.
De police force celebrating its anniversary and dem remember all who dead in de line of duty. Sometimes dem does remember who serve although dem does pick and choose to remember de old ones.
Dem boys sit down and wait fuh hear dem talk bout Henry Fraser and Winston Felix. Nobody ain’t talk bout dem. Felix didn’t care but dem boys seh that Henry Fraser was really vex. He reach from de grave and knock down de police flag and de Guyana flag at de church service.
Some old police who been in de crowd groan and get up; another set watch Henry de Yellow and seh that is a sign; that he should tek note. He shouldn’t try to be de fuss Commissioner who gun lef he mark in a big way.
Dem boys seh that he already lef a big mark pun de chair he does sit on in he office. De good thing is that he order that dem nail all dem flag down in de future and of course he send to Mama Fiffee daughter fuh something to throw wheh de flag fall down because he tell another person that he believe that is a sign of de times.
Talk half. Lef half.

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