AFC lacks support to secure the presidency – PNCR says

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…staves off criticism of APNU

The Alliance for Change (AFC) remains obstinate in its position not to join the recently formed coalition of opposition parties, but the main opposition party says the AFC cannot stand on its own to defeat the incumbent PPP/C at this year’s General Elections.
The main opposition PNCR has also sought to defend the creation of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) of which it is the major backer, and to buffer criticisms about its credence.
“The AFC lacks the popular support to secure the presidency at the next elections, yet its presidential candidate refuses to enter a partnership that will unseat the PPP/C and bring better Government to Guyana,” the PNCR said.
“So the question must be asked: If you are not in it to win it, then why are you in it?”
The PNCR statement was particularly directed at AFC Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan.
The PNCR says Ramjattan remains mired in the last millennium, unable to reconcile political parties with change and evolution.
The party said Ramjattan hypocritically condemns the present-day PNCR because of alleged errors in Government but whitewashes his own past as a staunch PPP executive member.
“Was it not Mr. Ramjattan who was quoted as saying that, “I was born a PPP … I gun die a PPP?” the PNCR asked.
Reacting also to statements by PPP/C Presidential Candidate Donald Ramoutar that he is surprised by the decision of the WPA to join APNU, the PNCR said that Ramoutar and Ramjattan are once again “singing from the same song sheet” as they did in the 1990s.
According to the PNCR, it would seem that these two old comrades are “peas in the same pod.”
“In fact, while they both speak of the need for unity and to end racism in Guyana, Ramjattan cannot seem to figure out that “to unite” means that one must really “join with” others,” the PNCR stated.
The party puts Ramotar’s interpretation of unity as joining the wealthy élite to enrich themselves at the expense of hardworking Guyanese, saying this has been the PPP/C’s most notable achievement over the last 19 years.
“The PNCR will pursue the goal of shared governance and national unity, while the PPP/C continues to push the goals of triumphalism and cronyism,” the PNCR charged.
The PNCR called on all Guyanese to follow what it calls “the cooperation” between the PPP/C and the AFC closely.

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