Local lotto winners still publicity-shy

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– security fears remain

If you won the lottery would you want your details in the news?
Within the past three years, only one lottery winner in Guyana did not have any qualms of being publicized.
The trend of concealing the identity of winners began with the escalation of violent crime in Guyana, including the numerous armed robberies and kidnappings for hefty ransoms.
The absence of public announcement of winners has raised the question of transparency in the Lottery Company but according to Tracey Lewis, General Manager, the Guyana Press Association is invited to every presentation and a record is kept for future reference.
Johnson noted that winners personally request to remain anonymous for security reasons. She pointed that after 2004 when there was an increase in crime, winners began to request the close-door presentations.
At every presentation a picture is taken along with the details of winners and placed in an archive system kept by the company.
She stated that the winners are often accompanied by a spouse or children and are joined by the company’s auditing firm, accountant, and General Manager; representative from Scotiabank; and a member of the Guyana Press Association.
The Guyana Lottery Company commenced operations in August 1996 with the launch of the Instant Ticket Games. The company is owned by the Canadian Bank Note, an entity which supplies printed products and related issuing and control systems in four business areas.
The Government of Guyana receives 24 percent of its gross monthly sales to invest in the funding of social causes and projects in the areas of health, education and culture, sport and art.

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