Skeldon’s 5.5MW Wartsila plant collapses

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– executives silenced with “gag order” – AFC

The 5.5MegaWatt (MW) Wartsila plant at GuySuCo’s Skeldon co-generation facility has “collapsed”. So says Khemraj Ramjattan, Alliance For Change, Presidential Candidate.
Ramjattan said that the incident occurred several days ago but is being kept under wraps. He said that the blackout on the incident is the result of a “gag order” that has been imposed on the top brass of the sugar company.
According to Ramjattan, he has been reliably informed by sources within the industry that some time last week the plant was started up and the “rotor blades flew off” and “damaged the alternator”.
He said that the company is flying in six Swiss Engineers to undertake repairs, and a new alternator for the damaged generator.
Meanwhile, a sugar official has confirmed that the 5.5MW generator was “comprehensively damaged” earlier this week.
Kaieteur News contacted Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, who has responsibility for the power sector, and Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, who shares responsibility for GuySuCo. Both politicians however chose not to comment and suggested that the newspaper direct any inquiries at the executives of GuySuCo.
Kaieteur News was however unable to contact Paul Bhim, CEO, or Rajendra Singh, Deputy CEO at GuySuCo, despite repeated attempts to do so.
Guyana Power and Light CEO, Bharat Dindyal, and his deputy, Aeshwar Deonarine, were unavailable. The generator in question was said to be part of the co-generation facility that supplies electricity to Berbice.

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