Questions galore in June ProAm Boxing card tonight

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Can Mark Austin Replicate A Revlon Lake Victory?

Asks Michael Benjamin

Boxing buffs attempts to employ strategies of rationalization have oft time proven discouraging since like cricket boxing matches could be highly irrational and unpredictable.
A classical case in point is highlighted when one examines the Sugar Ray Leonard/Thomas Hearns world championship bout and juxtaposes those results with the Thomas Hearns/Marvin Hagler slugfest. Hearns almost won against Leonard after A spirited performance while Leonard simply out-boxed and out-fought Hearns. The pundits reluctantly admitted that every bout should be examined and predicted on its merit.
Tonight, Mark Austin squares off against Revlon Lake in the main bout of the June edition of the ProAm boxing cards. The former pugilist retains the psychological advantage after he had defeated the former in an earlier edition of the card. While pundits may want to tip the scale in favour of Austin, they should be warned of the vagaries of the sport that may just shift the arc in favour of the Barbadian based Guyanese.
Firstly, their first outing was over four rounds and was a non-title affair. The distance has now increased by eight rounds and the added perks of the title might just serve as the impetus to cause Lake to work harder for the prize.
It must be noted also, that Austin had had an unblemished record in the first fight. He has since surrendered a decision to Barbadian, Miquel Antoine and would definitely be wary of another loss. This psychological anomaly could act against Austin or, depending on his fortitude, in his favour.
Lake flew into Guyana last Wednesday and did some light work at the Forgotten Youth Foundation (FYF). This would not have been enough to truly assess his form nor ascertain if there has indeed been any notable improvement to his repertoire.
Boxing buffs will have to give him the benefit of the doubt but when one notes the high stakes, one is assured that the Barbados based Guyanese would come into tonight’s fight with a more determined attitude. After all, the national title is at stake and so too is the prospect of launching into the international arena where the real prize lies.
Denny Dalton has been anything but ‘Dangerous’ in his last two outings. In the first, he succumbed to Hector ‘Machito’ Camacho in a fight he should have won if he had properly utilized his chief resources—his power punches. Rawle Frank also uncovered this deficiency in Dalton and out-boxed him instead of mixing punches. The point is that Dalton has proven to be ineffective against classy boxers and, Joel McRae, enjoying the height advantage, may very well employ similar tactics in tonight’s fight. Undoubtedly, he will have to evade many of Dalton’s bombs and nullify his roughhouse tactics if he is to win the bout. McRae, who trains in Trinidad and Tobago, has proven that he could do just that but in the past his condition has been suspect and he is still to make an impression on the professional scene. However, with only two fights as a professional McRae may very well be one of the fighters that gel at a late stage of their careers. He has been hard at work in the gym and one suspects that there may be some improvement in this department. If this is so, Dalton may have to pull out all the stops to win the bout and get his tilting career back on keel.
Ray Sandiford has been verbally extolling himself and has even promised to stop Orlando ‘Pocket Rocket’ Rogers. He has employed similar psychological tactics in his debut bout against Cecil Smith and prevailed. Rogers though, is more experienced and is less likely to fall prey to cheap talk. Sandiford will have to shelve his pre fight bravado and back his chat in the ‘square jungle.’ Whether he has such ability will be known tonight.
Brown fights knockout artist, Simeon Hardy and has been working diligently to surprise his opponent. Picking a winner from the inception is a bit dicey but when the bell rings one will be in a better position to gauge the pattern of the bout and select a winner. For now Hardy, with his power punching ability starts as the favorite.
Fight time is 20:00hrs sharp and the price of admission is $1000. NCN will carry the broadcast for those unable to attend the live show.

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