Parents plead for their safe return

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‘Abducted’ teens…

The parents of 16-year-old Lashawn Mootoo and 14-year-old Marissa Carrington yesterday pleaded for their children’s safe return, after a nine-hour search yielded no trace of the two friends who were allegedly kidnapped last Tuesday night at Yarrowkabra.
Marissa’s father, Michael Carrington, told Kaieteur News that a
search party, consisting of joint services personnel and about 15 civilians, commenced searching at around 08:00 hrs and continued until around 17:00 hrs when visibility became poor.
Mr. Carrington said that the team covered several miles of desolate terrain in Yarrowkabra and Timehri.
In the wake of reports that the girls were being kept in a building against their will, the party also checked a number of abandoned houses in the areas.
They were aided by police and army ranks in three other vehicles, but the worried father said that more personnel and vehicles were needed to scour the challenging terrain.
“There are a lot of trails leading to valleys…it would take a lot more persons to comb the area. One hill alone has seven or eight trails.”
Carrington told Kaieteur News that he is convinced that his daughter and her friend were indeed abducted, and the effort to locate them is taking its toll on him.
“I have cried until I can’t cry anymore. I am just praying that God will bring them back. We are begging for the kidnappers to release the children.
“I am convinced (she was abducted). It is not like her to run away from home.”
Mr. Carrington revealed that his daughter attends Diamond Secondary School and was preparing for exams the night before she went missing. Both teens are from Yarrowkabra.
He told Kaieteur News that according to information he has received, the teens were taken from the area in a vehicle.
Lashawn Mootoo was scheduled to give evidence in a carnal knowledge case involving a minibus driver.
Kaieteur News understands that the accused driver submitted himself for police questioning yesterday, in an attempt to clear himself of any suspicion in the disappearance of the teens.
Lashawn’s mother, Natasha Lord, told Kaieteur News that her daughter left home at around 18:45 hrs on Tuesday “to follow Marissa to the corner,” located some two minutes’ walk from her home. She realised that something was amiss at around 19:30 hrs when Lashawn failed to return.
Ms. Lord said she too believes that her daughter is being held hostage.
“I would like to say that whoever has them must loose them. They are good children and my daughter is a good child. There are a lot of people praying for them.”
The police on Wednesday reported that Marissa Carrington, and her friend, Lashawn Mootoo, were abducted at Yarrowkabra Soesdyke/Linden Highway.
Police sources close to the investigation yesterday told Kaieteur News that from reports they received suggested that the girls were “drugged” and were being held hostage in a “barn”.

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