National coach promises improved fights from amateur boxers in 15th ProAm card

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When the first bell sounds to signal the start of the amateur segment of the 15th edition of the ProAm boxing cards tonight, boxing fans can be assured of much improved fights, if the prognosis of their national coach, Terrence Poole, is to be believed.
Mr. Poole assured the press that the respective boxers have been engaged in serious training and have shown great improvement during their sessions over the past few weeks. He was giving an update of the boxers’ progress at the pre-fight press conference at the National Communications Network (NCN) studio Tuesday afternoon last. Mr. Poole also hinted at what could be expected from the eight pugilists when they enter the ring for the above mentioned card on tonight.
There will be four amateur bouts and most of those boxers on show comprise a part of the recently encamped national team preparing for international duties at several imminent tournaments.
In the first bout Stephon Gouveia of the Forgotten Youth Foundation boxes against Andrew Lowenfield of the Republican Boxing Gym. The latter boxer is bent on avenging an earlier loss by his gym mate, Nankumar Singh, against Gouveia and according to Poole this should be a tremendous battle. The second bout pits the skill of Marvin Ageday (FYF) against another Republican, Delroy Nero while North West Boxing Gym representative Benjamin Henry opposes Keeve Allicock (FYF). Imran Khan and Richard Williamson will square off in the final amateur bout.
Meanwhile, Mr. Poole once again credited the ProAm initiative for the startling improvement witnessed among amateur boxers. He said that the coaches are now complimenting such activities with theoretical sessions meant to update the boxers on what to expect at international tournaments such as the impending Pan Am qualifiers in Panama. The coach further reminded that boxing is a high profiled sport in Panama and local pugilists will be required to box before large crowds. He is, therefore, appealing to the public to come out and witness the boxers in action as such support could bolster their moral in preparation of the PanAm qualifiers.
The coach further pointed out that there has been marked improvement among the boxers and spectators would be afforded the opportunity to assess their progress even as they enjoy good, competitive action. “These boxers will be representing Guyana and when they win gold medals the entire country will be lifted up,” Mr. Poole concluded. The boxers remained in gym throughout the week and are expected to showcase what they have learnt in tonight’s encounters.
The ProAm boxing card is a Guyana Boxing Board of Control initiative in collaboration with the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports (MCYS) and the National Communications Network (NCN). Admission remains at $1000 per person while those with special passes will be allowed entry on presentation of the passes. NCN would provide a live broadcast of the proceedings and the action gets underway at 20:00hrs sharp.

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