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One Laptop Per Family project…

After a week-long delay to fine-tune details, Government has restarted advertisements for the supply of laptops for its ambitious One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project.
Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, formally announced last week that the new call for bids would have gone out last Friday, and these would be opened on July 19.
The decision to re-tender for the supply of the laptops follows the determination by the government not to accept any of the three bids submitted in the first process.
Yesterday, the advertisement was done via the government’s website,
In re-tendering, the government is moving to adjust the technical specifications for the laptops it wants.

Applications by citizens for a laptop from government under a special programme may be re-opened.

According to the procurement website, the Office of the President -“One Laptop Per Family Project” wanted bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the “Re-Tender For The Supply of Netbooks/Laptops”.
Bidding is being conducted through the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures and open to all bidders and some eligible countries.
For overseas companies, they will have to provide an authorized representative (s) in Guyana
“Should an international bidding company not have representation in Guyana, it will confirm in writing as part of its bid to establish a local authorized representative within 21 days of signing of the contract and to provide copies of the NIS certificates of its local authorized representative once the representative has been established.”
Bidders will have to submit an authorization from a manufacturer for the supply of items with contact information to validate authorization, the website said.
Also needed is bid security, audited financial statements – for the past three available years preceding the year of the bid – and product brochures.
“…Documentary evidence to demonstrate that the company and/or agent has been in business of supplying similar equipment and has an office in Guyana to facilitate technical support, after sales service and warranty enforcement when needed. International bidders who do not have an office and authorized representative in Guyana must provide a declaration with their submitted bid stating that if awarded the contract they will establish a local representative and office in Guyana within twenty one (21) days of signing the contract to provide spare parts, after sales service and warranty enforcement.”
The deadline for the bids is July 19.
Original bids for the supply of the laptops had come from Giftland Office Max, Digital Technologies, and CCS. Of the three, only CCS reportedly measured up, though not satisfying all the requirements.
However, the Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh had said that the government decided not to give CCS the contract, and to instead move to re-tender.
The website made it clear that the “Office of the President – One Laptop Per Family Project” is not bound to accept any bid and reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
Following a decision not to accept any of the bidders in the first tender, a decision was taken to open a new bidding process, asking for different laptop specifications.
Dr Singh had said that the specifications the government will now ask companies to bid for would not significantly depart from what was originally requested.
The Finance Minister had pointed to new specifications for the laptops that would now be sought in the re-tendering process.
“Some of the issues that will inform the approach to the retender will include such issues as the technical specifications of the hardware to be procured, the software specs to be preloaded on the machines and the capacity of the suppliers to offer and service the required warranty provisions.”
The government has budgeted to spend $1.8 billion on the laptop project this year, and plans to distribute an estimated 27,000 laptops.
Families were given until last week Tuesday to apply for the laptops, but with the decision to re-tender for the supply of the laptops, applications have re-opened.
The Finance Minister said that up to early this week there were some 33,000 applicants, many of them single parents and people in the low income bracket.

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