Dem boys seh…Check fuh you property at de Deeds Registry

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People get dumb. Some can’t talk and who can talk frighten fuh talk, and some can’t even think bout opening dem mouth.
Bar-Rat gag Henry de Yellow a long time ago. Now Henry gag he commanders. Some trying fuh talk in new ways. Dem letting out gas in Morse code and dem ain’t belching. In fact, dem boys find out that all over people get gag. De GuySuCo people get gag so till when de generator blow up deh couldn’t even mek a sound. Even Sam, de power chief can’t talk. But de people who dem tell not to talk, whisper quietly to dem boys. That is how dem boys know that de new 5.5 megawatt generator blow up.
GuySuCo is not de only place wheh people get dumb. Dem boys hear that de government selling out everything suh dem guh to de Deeds Registry to find out if dem still own dem house.
Dem boys hear bout a man who think that he had he transport but when he check he hear that NICIL own he house and that NICIL had a transport to prove. De voice sound like Brazzy own. When dem boys call, he secretary tell dem that Brazzy and all got a gag order.
De army can’t talk; de police can’t talk; GPL can’t talk; NICIL can’t talk; and de Salvation Army police can’t talk. Dem boys seh that dem know fuh sure that Eddie instruct de Salvation Army. Rob-Bert does talk all de time on anything and everything under de sun. When de GuySuCo engine blow up and dem boys ask he, de man get dumb and he hide, just like how he hide from de audit.
He talk bout GuySuCo audit and seh how he don’t bluff. De whole world see who is de comic.
And by de way, Irfaat nah use de siren yesterday fuh go and buy Chinee food. Sam send fuh de car, rip out de siren and give he back de car.
Talk half. Lef half.

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