Guyana Prison Service “incompetent” – AFC

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The AFC yesterday spoke out against what it called the “incompetence of the Guyana Prison Service”.
In its weekly press briefing the party noted that there has been yet another prison break where “special watch inmates” escaped the New Amsterdam Prison last weekend. The party recalled when another such prison breakout sparked an intense crime wave in 2002.
Saying that the crime wave threatened the public security deliverables expected of the administration, the party noted in their release that after the 2002 breakout they had hoped to see “the most stringent of security mechanisms” effected.
They called for a speedy investigation of the security lapse, punishment of those found guilty of dereliction of duty and a “surgical joint services operation” aimed at the swift recapture of the escapees.
Mentioned in the press briefing were the findings of the Disciplined Forces Commission Report which apparently called for the installation and upgrade of “adequate monitoring devices and warning technology” in the Georgetown, New Amsterdam and Mazaruni Prisons in order to enhance their physical security capacity and capabilities.
The need for periodic checks of prisoners and their quarters for the presence of “weapons, implements for breaking and other unauthorised items” was also highlighted and the party noted that they were in agreement with the report’s assertion for a  “comprehensive overhaul” of the Disciplined Forces.
A massive manhunt is currently underway for four prisoners who staged a daring escape late Friday evening from the New Amsterdam Prison. The escape comes mere days after a prison officer simply walked a convicted felon out of the prison and subsequently crossed the border into Suriname with the prisoner.

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