Dem boys seh…Some people born to thief

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Exams is a hard thing. Nuff people does show off bout how dem bright when dem don’t have to write some exam but as soon as people announce is exam time, is problems. That is when people does know who bright and who dunce.
Nuff people does boast pun dem children and is only de exam results does expose de poor child. Well dem boys seh that some questions expose a Minister. Some people ask he a simple question and he couldn’t answer. Somebody tell he fuh ignore that question and answer another one. Same thing.
De man stammer and sputter. What was de question? How poor people can get a house lot. Another question was “When dem big ones gun stop thiefing.”
People now claiming that anybody can tun Minister that dem don’t have to answer questions, only grumble and seh “UMMM” and “Ahhhh” like when dentist pulling out you teeth.
But de teacher who thief from he school proper talk. Dem boys seh that this was a man who thief in every county. He thief in Berbice and get transfer to Essequibo. He thief in Essequibo and get transfer to town.
Well in town he graduate to bigger things like heavy duty chain saw, a portable electrical router, a portable electrical plane, a Husky air tool along with an air compressor, and rubber handle claw hammers.
Dem boys want to know wha kind of bag this teacher use to carry to school. He couldn’t fetch out dem things in he pocket.
De man even collect money from dem children. He convince dem boys that some people not only born dunce, some born to thief.
Talk half. Lef half.

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