Developmental strategies mooted on Guyana Softball League Cuban tour

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The team of cricketers from the Guyana Softball League (GSL) that recently traveled to Cuba to compete against their Spanish counterparts, recently returned home and the organizers have dubbed the tour as highly successful.
The tournament was played at the Hiron Medical School ground, Havana Cuba on Sunday May 29 last and coincided with Guyana’s independence anniversary. Further, president of the GSL, Halim Khan also attended the tournament which saw some 16 teams, comprising males and females, battling against each other. Players of Group 5 carted off the honours for the males while the female category was won a combined team drawn from group one to five.
The teams were categorized according to their seniority in terms of years and group five prevailed by 30 runs. In the female category, group 1-5 (combined) etched out a 15 runs victory after the match swayed from one team to the other. So keen was the competition that the issue was only decided in the penultimate over in where 4 wickets tumbled for the opposition. It was a brilliant match where spectators were treated to a brilliant display of fielding by the eventual winners who were crowned as the inaugural winners of female cricket in Cuba.
Additionally, there were a number of off-field activities that created a carnival like atmosphere and heightened the excitement. A wide variety of exotic Guyanese dishes and drinks was also available. Coupled with that, a number of cultural performances kept fans alive and the level of enthusiasm was exceptionally high. Patrons were also treated to a fine display of art and craft and fashion showcasing the different cultures that exist in Guyana.
Several important persons also attended the day’s activities including ambassadors and representatives of the Cuba
Cricket Board. Other dignitaries included the Caribbean Association, MINREX (Foreign Affairs), Escuela Latino Americano de Medecina (ELAM), Instituto Nacional de Cultura Fisico de deporte y Recreacion ( INDER), the countries governing sports body and ICAP among others.
The Independence Tournament was opened by Ambassador to Cuba Miss Mitra Devi Ali who noted that softball cricket in Guyana has the potential of uniting the races even as it promotes healthy lifestyles. Involvement in such activities also ensures that the participants enjoy a fruitful life.
Delivering brief remarks, President of the GSL pointed out that his organization has been in the forefront of promotional softball cricket activities for numerous years. He said that their efforts have seen an improvement in the sport while the values attached to the game as well as unity of people has been exploited to the fullest.
Cuban Ambassador, Mitra Devi Ali demonstrated sound techniques when she faced the first ball and subsequently declared the tournament opened. Demonstrating the grace of a seasoned player, the ambassador promptly dispatched the ball to the mid wicket boundary.
All of the special invitees were then afforded an opportunity to each face one ball and even though it was a new experience, showed their mettle with a great display of batting technique. The female ambassadors present were so enthused by the action that they indicated an interest to team up for the next tournament slated for Caricom day, celebrated on July 4 in Cuba.
Meanwhile the INDER representative Humberto Herrera will be working with the Guyana Softball League to further develop the sport. He will coordinate activities pertaining to softball cricket in all primary schools in Havana starting from early September. Further, he will organize outreach programmes involving school teams in a bid to promote the sport. Additionally, teams that have competed in Cuba will visit Guyana sometime in late July to compete against the different area teams that are presently members of the Guyana Softball League.

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