Dem boys seh…Le Repentir going on sale

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People really like land. Imagine wid all de land that de government sharing out people still lining up. De other day Irfaat boast that dem share out nuff house lots and how everybody gun get one before Christmas.
De other day de government announce that it gun share out one thousand house lots. Five thousand people tun up. Bar-Rat tun up too, and de Donald. De people push dem at de back of de line. One man tell Bar-Rat that he got one and dem tell De Donald that he got two and he got to wait till some other people get two.
Well is then de story start. One man claim that he hear how Irfaat gun buss up de thousand house lot and mek two thousand.
And as soon as some people collect dem start fuh arrange sale. Dem seh that is a business and if dem get free and sell dear like Bar-rat then dem only following de leader.
But Irfaat got a plan. He got people checking de name who get and de lot dem get. Then he gun watch fuh see f dem sell.
But dem boys seh that these days when people sell dem don’t transfer title. Is not every place that got a certain name belong to that person.
Dem boys seh that people still deh outside de stadium waiting fuh a house lot. That is why de plan is to clear de cemetery. GuySuCo running out of land and de government don’t want to give away de good ones.
People already squatting in de cemetery anyhow. De Government does wait till people squat then sell de land. Is only a matter of time before dem sell land in de cemetery.
Dem already clearing de place.
Talk half,. Lef half.

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