GINA displays an embarrassing case of dishonesty

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“The Government Information Agency (GINA) has noted the blatant untruths and misinformation that continue to be peddled by the Kaieteur News. In its latest scourge of misinformation, the Newspaper claimed to be denied access to the list of national awardees for 2011.”
That was the opening paragraph of a press release issued by GINA, yesterday. The press release continued, “GINA would forthrightly like to state it disseminated the said list to all media houses and entities. GINA’s internal records will so vindicate.”
Kaieteur News Editor-in-Chief Adam Harris responded that GINA is not only dishonest but unabashedly shameless.
He said that when he called GINA on Monday, Shanta Goberdhan told him that she had disseminated the list on Sunday. She sent a mail purporting to show that the list was sent by e-mail on Sunday at 12:17 pm. Space prohibits the publication of this e-mail.
The very list appeared in the other newspapers more than 12 hours earlier. It had to be sent about four hours earlier. The Chronicle went to press at 1:30 Sunday morning. It contained the advertisement which suggested that it had to be received at the latest, one hour earlier.
Stabroek News reported that it received the advertisement at 15:00 hours on Saturday. That advertisement was sent by GINA which must now explain why it sent, as Ms Shanta Goberdhan claimed, the list via e-mail to Kaieteur News at 12:17 pm on Sunday.
A forensic examination by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph would reveal the flow of correspondence between GINA and Kaieteur News.
“It would therefore be unethical for the Kaieteur News to fault GINA if the paper failed to have measures in place to electronically receive such document,” according to GINA.
Fortunately, readers know that Kaieteur News has been quick to bring any piece of information regardless of the hour. Many have got out of bed to read reports of incidents that occurred a few hours before daybreak.
Adam Harris said that GINA is now perhaps the worst case of a communication entity that relies on taxpayers’ money. It is an embarrassment and made so because of its subjugation to a semi-literate individual made important by President Bharrat Jagdeo.

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