Dem boys seh…Look out fuh de Order of de Lebbeh Lip

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If dem boys didn’t see it dem wouldn’t believe that since Bharrat back tun dem have people who believe that dem is de president. De man give dem a hint that dem must treat de Waterfalls paper bad.
Up come a man wid de idea that if dem don’t give de Waterfalls
paper de national awards list de paper wouldn’t sell. Dem mek a mistake because de paper sell out.
Nuff people was glad because dem get shame. Dem didn’t want people see that dem get ignore. De paper is de one that does sell more than any other. Suh when de Waterfalls paper didn’t publish it dem know that couple thousand wouldn’t see it.
One man claim how he slave and whenever he thief he use to give de party nuff money and he ain’t get any award.
Another man talk how he use to fetch Bar-Rat brief case. Then dem had de set who use to follow he to dem night club. But dem wasn’t alone in de dog house.
De only person wid de mind of a primary school child who wukking in Ohh Pee was lef out too.
Dem boys feel suh sorry fuh he that dem decide that dem got to have a special investiture ceremony fuh he. Dem gun confer special awards too. Fuh lang and distinguished service as a lebbeh lip, he gun be invested wid de Kiss Ass medal.
He gun also be awarded fuh being de most senior semi-literate in Guyana. That is de Order of Backwardness and it don’t give licence to only do things from behind.
Strange though. Dem boys seh that when husband and wife get award at de same time is gone dem gone.
Talk half. Lef half.

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