Businessman shot and robbed in the city

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Up to press time yesterday doctors at the Georgetown hospital were closely monitoring the condition of a businessman who was shot at around noon on D’urban Street in Wortmanville.
Reports are that 50 year-old Mark Thomas called ‘Nasif Malik’ was shot in the left arm and abdomen by a lone gunman. This publication was told that the man and a family member, who were in a car, had stopped to purchase food at a stand when the gunman struck. According to the man’s wife, Stacy Thomas, she was at work when she got a call from her husband who related to her that he had been shot.
“He called and told me that he get shoot and that I should come down to the hospital…he told me a man came up to him when the car stopped, shot him and grabbed his bag.”
Mrs. Thomas said after her husband was shot, his friend who was driving the car immediately left the location for the hospital where her husband was treated and subsequently admitted.
Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said that the incident occurred within a two-minute period, and from all indications, the man was being followed.
“All we see is this car stop and a man run up to the car and we hear like two gunshot and somebody holler somebody get shoot…and we see a man with a bag and a gun in he hand just run up de road jump in a car and drive away.”
Mrs. Thomas related that she had spoken to her husband about an hour before the incident. They had made arrangements to meet a bit later. The woman added that her husband recently came down from the interior and left their home yesterday morning to transact business in the city.
Persons speculated that the businessman, who is a miner in Port Kaituma, was trailed since the gunman seemed to have had perfect timing.
There are reports that prior to the shooting; the man had visited the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Lands and Survey office, before stopping to get something to eat. Reports are the gunman made off with some $1.4 million in cash and other documents which was in Thomas’s bag.
When Kaieteur News arrived on the scene, there was one spent shell and a live round on the road not far from where the incident occurred.

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