Wakenaam residents want GRA mobile unit

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Wakenaam residents who own motor vehicles are calling on the Guyana Revenue Authority to take steps to alleviate the high cost of obtaining motor vehicles licences.
The residents either have to travel to the Essequibo Coast or to the Parika branch of the GRA to purchase licences for their vehicles.
Either way, the cost is over $2,000 return.  Most residents opt to go to Parika.  At the Parika Branch there are several situations that confront them.
There may be a blackout which is frequent and they are told to return another day as there is no standby power available.
Most times they are told that the information on their vehicles is not showing up and that they must go to the Licence Revenue Office in Georgetown to obtain the licence.
Some persons are told to return after the employees take their telephone numbers and they are promised to be called – something that rarely happens.
Those who travel to Georgetown have to join the already long line and some rarely reach the counter to purchase their licences.  Others have to return home without the licences.
Wakenaam has more than 1,000 motor vehicles.
Farmers are busy preparing their rice lands and can ill afford the time to travel to Parika to license their vehicles.
Other workers, especially those in the public sector, have to take leave to conduct this business which lasts days.  One resident has made more than three trips to Parika and still has to go to Georgetown to obtain a motor cycle licence that will cost $1,000.
The resident pointed out that since the policemen at Wakenaam have little work to do, a favourite past time is to get out on the road and say “Let me see your documents.”  Several options are then open to the motorists.

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