Suspect caught in sting operation

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One of the men, who viciously stabbed Cohen Gibson, 25, was nabbed yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of Stabroek Market by police who were acting on information.
Gibson was stabbed 13 times with an ice-pick in a failed robbery bid Thursday evening at his Tucville home. The men also slit both his ankles during the “robbery”.

Cohen Gibson

Kaieteur News understands that the police in their efforts to locate the suspect who according to them is the “mastermind” managed to get his cell phone number.
Further this newspaper was told that the officers had a sting operation and the suspect was nabbed.
The suspect has been taken to the Brickdam Police Station to await an identification parade.
Meanwhile, Gibson’s condition has being listed as critical but stable. He was transferred to the High Dependency Unit yesterday.
Relatives after hearing about the suspect’s arrest gave the police praise for their work.
Gibson was attacked by two men, one of whom he was entertaining at his home. After stabbing Gibson they placed him in the bathroom and assumed he was dead.
The men then proceeded to pack majority of the electrical appliances and placed them in a chair.
Gibson however managed to get the strength to run through the backdoor. He then jumped over a neighbour’s fence and ended up in the yard.
He was also able to call relatives who rushed to the scene and found Gibson lying a pool of blood. He was taken to the Georgetown Hospital by police.

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