Inquest finally ordered into Monica Reece death

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By Michael Jordan
Eighteen years after she was beaten to death and dumped or either fell from a pickup onto Main Street, on April 9, 1993, legal officials have finally ordered an inquest into the unsolved murder of 19-year-old Monica Reece.
Kaieteur News understands that the inquest is scheduled to commence next month.
This newspaper was told that some police ranks have already been informed about the development so that statements and forensic evidence can be produced.
While he was Director of Prosecutions, Chief Justice Ian Chang had requested that an inquest be held, but, for reasons that were never disclosed, this was not done.
Some police sources and legal officials are perplexed that an inquest is only now being held after almost two decades have passed. Since Reece’s death, three Commissioners have retired, some of the police investigators have retired, and forensic pathologist Dr. Leslie Mootoo, who conducted the autopsy and also the exhumation for DNA evidence, has passed away.
Reece, a security guard, was murdered on Good Friday night of April 9, 1993.
An eyewitness, June Ann Holland, later told police that she was in the area around 22:05 hrs when she saw a dark-coloured 4×4 vehicle going north along Main Street.
One of the right doors was ajar and the foot of a passenger was protruding from the vehicle. She alleged that when the pickup reached the area near Geddes Grant Limited, she saw someone fall out of the vehicle.
Before the vehicle disappeared further up Main Street, June Ann Holland managed to observe these digits: 9 32.
She failed to discern one of the digits on the pickup licence plate. Holland then went to the scene where the passenger had ‘fallen’ and saw Reece’s body.
Several persons were questioned and a number of pickups impounded. Hair and other samples were reportedly gathered from the vehicles.
Several weeks after she was killed, Reece’s body was exhumed and more samples taken. These, along with other samples, were reportedly sent overseas.
The results, according to police, were all “inconclusive.
Police sources have repeatedly said that the information they gathered seemed to point to a well-known individual.
The shocking murder was dubbed a “high society killing” because the fact that the body was dumped from a pickup—few in number at the time—suggested that the killer came from the higher echelons of society.

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