Dem boys seh….Robert cancel de audit

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Is wheh Killa Lall gone? Dem boys hear that he was to go to Brazil and dem get de word early. Right away dem open dem mouth and Bar-Rat get vex because he did want to mek de announcement.
According to dem boys, de plan was to hide Killa Lall before de elections come suh that nobody coulda use he to target de party. But dem boys open dem mouth and Killa Lall remain. These days he going about and telling people how he and De Waterfalls boss man is first cousin.
Is that was the big reason that Bar-Rat decide to send he away. He get vex wid de Waterfalls paper and he decide to lash out. When he set he eyes pun Killa de man disown de Waterfalls boss man.
Another man who deh quiet is Irfaat. Dem boys seh that he run out of water and water project. He even run out of house lots suh he ain’t got nutten to talk about.
Odinga like he disappear too. He try fuh tek over football and dem boys shack he out. He guh to court and de elections get freeze. Is like when dem li’l boy got de bat in de cricket match. If dem can’t bat fuss dem does tek way de bat. De problem does come when other people got bat.
And Fip disappear too. Dem boys seh that he get sick when three of de equipment that he bring in stick up in de swamp. He ain’t got money to bring in replacements suh he lying low. De road stall up.
But dem boys seh that Rob-Bert hiding too. He open he mouth and challenge de Waterfalls paper and Chris Ram to audit he books at Guysuco and find anything wrang. Dem boys tek he on and now he backing down. He and all hiding. Dem boys seh that he cancel de audit.
Talk half. Lef half.

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