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– ASL commissions new cessna

As Air Services Limited operations continue to grow with an additional Cessna aircraft at the Ogle Airport, Government is calling for disagreements that exist at the airport to be resolved in a non-adversarial manner since there are controversies with usage of space at the airport.
This sentiment was shared at the celebration of 50th anniversary of Air Service Limited (ASL) in aviation services which also saw the commissioning of the Cessna Grand Caravan at the ASL Hangar, Ogle International Airport yesterday.
President Bharrat Jagdeo, Prime Minister Sam Hinds, members of the Cabinet, members of the diplomatic corps, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission Ramesh Dookhoo, Managing Director of ASL Mazahar Ally and staff of the ASL group were all there for the occasion.
Minister of Public Works and Transport, Robeson Benn, said that he is inviting the participants of the disagreement at the Ogle Airport to visit his office so that the controversies can be resolved in an amicable manner that would benefit all the users of the airport.
“We don’t want a situation… where people set out to destroy each other, cutthroat attempts to get onto the competition.
But you have the greatest opportunity to develop in a safe, sound, sustainable manner when we all work together to pay attention to all the requirements and needs which would see all of us succeed.”
Managing Director, ASL Captain Mazahar Ally, said that the Cessna Grand Caravan which was commissioned yesterday, would be deployed to give strength, vitality and meaning to the hinterland service, bringing those Communities within closer reach of each other so that the cry of isolation would no longer apply.
Operations manager of ASL, Annette Arjoon-Martins said that the aircraft service started with one four-seater Darter Air Commander, Today there are 16 aircraft of five different types which make ASL the largest operator at Ogle.
Adding that the varied fleet offers customers the flexibility of choosing from a four-seater aircraft that carries 500 pounds, to a 13-seater aircraft that carries 3,000 pounds, Annette Arjoon-Martins said.
ASL holds the distinction of being the only English-speaking flight school in South America.
She said that $75 million was invested in building a hangar at Mahdia where an average of 250,000 lbs of cargo is transported per month to airstrips in Region Eight. Noting that the long term development of the Ogle Airport requires the government input, Annette Arjoon-Martins said that Government should take notice of the uneven playing field affecting existing air companies at Ogle.
It must also ensure that potential regional investors would also be treated in a fair and equitable manner, especially if their presence would result in more competitive airfares.
Captain Dominic Waddell said that ASL operates six Cessna Grand Caravans, four BN-2A Islanders, four Cessna 206s and two Cessna 172s providing support to all of the sectors of Guyana, while it partnered with the Ministry of Tourism for the past 12 years to enable Guyanese to visit Kaieteur Falls.
He said ASL partnered the Ministry of Health to provide night medivacs to the interior and saved numerous lives each week, in addition to providing employment for over 150 persons in accounts, operations and engineering departments.
The Captain also noted their maintenance department provides maintenance service to four small aircraft operators at Ogle as well as to companies in South America and the Caribbean.
Air Services Limited is the oldest and largest domestic operator in Guyana.
Extremely serious about service, the company provides a safe, efficient and reliable domestic schedule and charter service to all of Guyana’s interior destinations.
It also offers overseas charters to the Caribbean and South America and specialises in VIP flights.
Their flight school which is the only one in the country was initially set up to supply the company with a cadre of well-trained pilots.
This has expanded to a commercial flight school with some of its graduates expanding their horizons in the Caribbean.
ASL also has a fully equipped maintenance department that provides a high quality service to smaller domestic operators and regional commercial airlines.
In 1957, ASL founder Mr Yacoob Ally, owner of A. Mazaharally and Sons Ltd, a leading timber company, recognised the invaluable role of an aircraft to efficiently manage his timber operations so he purchased a Cessna 172 , obtained his private pilot’s license and constructed airstrips at all of his timber grants.

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