Teen shot three times

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Nineteen-year-old Colwyn Mercurius was shot thrice by a lone gunman following a heated argument yesterday morning at his mother’s North East La Penitence home.
Mercurius was shot twice to the hand and once to the buttocks. Up to press time last night he was being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
His sister, Colleen, yesterday told Kaieteur News that it was around 09:30hrs yesterday when she received a telephone call from her brother informing her that someone wanted to kill him.

Shot teen Colwyn Mercurius

“He call me in a panic saying somebody wanted to kill him” the sister recalled. The man’s sister explained that the entire episode started Sunday night when her brother was attacked and shot at by the same group of men, who had attacked him Sunday night.
The woman said she was on the bus park on Sunday night when her mother called and said that Mercurius was shot. That woman said that she immediately made contact with her brother and went to see him.
According to the sister, the family is living in fear since they have received threats. Meanwhile, when this newspaper visited the mother, Allison Daly’s North East La Penitence home, she recounted that she was speaking to a neighbour when the incident happened.
The woman said that her son came to her home early yesterday morning and was seen arguing outside with three unidentified men.
Yesterday, the injured man was somewhat reluctant to speak. According to Mercurius, he doesn’t know who shot him or why he was shot.
“Me ain’t really thinking right now…. I ain’t deh in no condition to talk to anyone right now.  I don’t know who shoot me or what de story is,” the teen said.
According to the mother, the three men left and her son came inside. About ten minutes later the woman said one of the three men came back.
Her son who was at the front of the yard ran back inside towards her and the gunman was in hot pursuit behind him.
“He run behind me and hold me….and de man pointing de gun towards me suh I tell he loose me,” the mother explained.
She further told Kaieteur News that her son ran from behind her.
“After he run from behind me I close me eyes….and I heard three shots,” the mother said.
Seconds later she sent a younger brother outside of the yard to see if her son was injured.
Mercurius was found in a close friend’s yard and was taken to the hospital by the police.

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