Police detain businessman’s daughter among three

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…find gold, stolen cash under suspect’s mattress

Police have arrested three other suspects in connection with the murder of businessman, Victor Warner. They have also released his 21-year-old son whom they had held since the murder on May 19, on $ 50,000 station bail.
According to reports, the three new suspects were detained on Saturday evening, last. Additionally, the police found a bag of gold, that went missing from Warner’s premises, hidden in a shallow grave, in Warner neighbour’s backyard.
One of the women in custody is Warner’s daughter, while the other two suspects are a close female associate of the dead man and her reputed husband. According to a source, a quantity of cash was also discovered hidden under the second woman’s mattress.
A test conducted by forensic experts from Georgetown suggests that fingerprints found at the scene of the murder match that of the close female associate.
The popular businessman was discovered murdered by his two grandsons, Navin and Kevin, who lived with him at his Richmond home, on Thursday May 19, last.
According to reports, Warner who sustained a lash to the back of his head and face was discovered in a fetal position next to his refrigerator in his shop.
A post mortem performed on Warner’s body by Dr Nehaul Singh found that the cause of death was blunt trauma to the head, compounded by compression to the neck.

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