Man takes own life after first trying to kill wife on daughter’s birthday

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The intended birthday celebration of a warring couple turned disastrous when Neville Samaroo, 57, of Timmers Dam, Mount Sinai, New Amsterdam, Berbice killed himself after first tryiAdd an Imageng to kill his wife.
Samaroo was found hanging from a rafter in the couple’s bedroom after he had injured his 35-year-old wife Shameeza Bacchus. She was subsequently rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital for emergency treatment.

Injured: Shameeza Bacchus

The woman sustained a gash along her left chin which received stitches after which she was treated and sent away.
According to the woman, reports of infidelity which were constantly made to her husband constituted the main reason for their numerous problems which have now ended in death.
The couple who has been living together for over 17 years and has two children— a boy Aubrey, 12, and a girl, Lindsey, who celebrated her sixth birthday yesterday.
They have been experiencing serious marital problems; there have been numerous allegations of infidelity and whenever her husband got these false reports, he will in turn trip out and become very abusive, a neighbour said.
Shameeza Bacchus stated that on the morning of the incident they were making preparations for their daughter Lindsey’s birthday. She was finishing off a birthday cake. The woman said that as the abuse got worse she made several reports to the Central Police Station.
She said that a few weeks ago the man was warned by the police to desist from his threatening behaviour.
The woman acknowledged that attempts were made by the police to charge her husband, but that she would often times “turn back and beg for him”, mainly because their son would beg her “nah fuh lock up daddy”.
Samaroo who worked at the Aqua Spring Water Filling outlet, at Nicolay Street, New Amsterdam, had planned to take the children out for the birthday later in the day, after he finished working.
He left for work around 07:00hrs, but soon returned home one hour later.
The distressed woman said that after her husband came home he came into the house and asked her “wha happen.”
“I was in the kitchen and suspected that he was up to something.
Then he suddenly grabbed the kitchen knife; he then try to slash my neck but I turned, and the knife caught me on my chin. I made an attempt to run out of the house but he blocked the front door.
At the same time, next door neighbour ‘Solo’ had seen his friend enter his yard and was sharpening his cutlass on his front steps. Suspecting that Samaroo was up to something because Samaroo would repeatedly tell him, that he would kill himself, he prepared for something violent.
Upon hearing the couple’s children screaming he immediately ran over and confronted Samaroo, but he was pushed out of the house and threatened.
Samaroo then secured himself in the house and started to break up things, including a television set, a music player, and wares.

Dead: Neville Samaroo

‘Solo’ said that after he smashed the items, his friend locked the house and apparently went into the bedroom and hanged himself.
Solo stated that the place became quiet, before a thud was heard and he suspected that his friend had kept his promise to kill himself.
The police were informed about the ordeal and detectives had to forcibly gain entry into the house by breaking one of the windows. They saw Samaroo’s suspended body in the couple’s bedroom.
The woman said that her husband at the time of his death had a quantity of money on him.
The police, she said, removed the money and gave it to a relative. She said that the money was not handed over to her.

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