Dem boys seh… HTC means Hide Thief Coming

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Long time was cast-iron pipe fuh water. Then dem start fuh use copper because of de rust. But copper get expensive suh de White man devise a new, cheap and light pipe. He call it PVC.
Dem boys seh that it mean Pipe Very Cheap. All over de world is PVC. In Guyana, dem boys sure that two people Tool—C and Gaffoo set up factory and start fuh mek PVC. This ketch dem greedy people.
Bab-Bee fuh one decide that he got fuh tek over. He plan fuh get rid of PVC. He see big money in de thing and he got friends who in control. He put down a plant fuh mek pipe and since it got to knock PVC he call it HTC.
Dem boys raise dem eyebrow when dem hear Irfaat seh that from now pipelines got to change from PVC to HTC. He insist that it got to happen and he ain’t care how dem knock out PVC.
When de man ask wheh dem gun get HTC from, Irfaat seh go to Bab-Bee. He got nuff. De man go outside and he ask dem boys wha HTC mean. Dem boys tell he call de Waterfalls paper. Dem call and a voice tell dem HTC mean ‘Hide, Thief Coming’.
Tool-C and Gaffoo didn’t believe. Is when de Water Ministry stop buying that dem understand. When Tool—C do stock taking he see all he PVC in de bond. Gaffoo was de same thing.
And Bab-Bee smiling. He tell dem boys, “I am now HTC—I am now Holding The Cheques fuh all dem water contract in Guyana, because I HTC—I Have The Connections.”
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