Visually impaired participate in sensitisation workshop

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In observance of Blindness Awareness Month, the Guyana Society for the Blind and the Guyana Blind Cricket Association (GBSA) sponsored a sensitisation workshop on the Disability Act 2010. The event was held at the Guyana Society for the Blind office, 46 High Street, Georgetown. Support came from Volunteer Service Organisation (VSO).
The workshop attracted 35 visually impaired persons who were enlightened to the contents of the Disabilities Act 2010. There were three facilitators at the event, Ganesh Singh, Cecil Morris and Theresa Pemberton.
A session was conducted on what the Disability Act 2010 entails. The National Commission on Disability (NCD) produced a simplified version of the Act which underscored seven key rights areas, these are; employment, education, health, accessibility, recreational, independent life and political rights.
During the session a module was used and there were discussions, while there was role play to help participants to fully understand their rights.
In addition to the workshop, during the month the GBSA and the Guyana Society for the Blind are hosting a series of activities, including an outreach programme in Linden, a domino competition and a grand fun day. Another planned activity is a chain of canes around the Public Building on May 31.
Throughout the month, various teams of visually impaired persons and volunteers will be paying awareness visits to schools, taxi services and other business places around the city. Teams will also be on radio programmes and there will be an extensive coverage in both the print and electronic media.
The Guyana Society for the Blind was established in 1950 but was made legal on October 8, 1955 and is sustained by its own fundraiser and a subvention from the Government.

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