Lennox Alleyne Looks Past, But Wary Of Kwesi Jones As Fight Night Draws Nigh

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By Michael Benjamin
Despite the fact that Lennox ‘Pretty Boy’ Alleyne is preparing for a 12 round battle for the CABOFE middleweight title against Kwesi ‘Lightening Struck Assassin’ Jones, the Guyanese pugilist has his eyes set on a world ranking and subsequently a world title fight.
However, he views the Jones fight as the launching pad to his dreams and has intimated that he is not complacent, but wary of Jones. Notwithstanding this, Alleyne has intimated that he has every intention of defeating Jones when they clash in a special edition of the ProAm boxing card slated for Saturday May 28 next.
Alleyne’s trainer, Robert Duffy shares similar sentiments as his charge and endorsed this during a telephone conversation with Kaieteur Sport yesterday morning. A former Commissioner of the New York State Commission, Mr. Duffy explained that he now serves in the capacity as the matchmaker for the Boxing 360, a promotional/management group in the United States co.ntrolled by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mario Yagobi.
Mr. Duffy also revealed that he serves an integral role in the organisation which includes some aspects of matchmaking as well as honing Alleyne’s skill. He said that the Guyanese pugilist joined the Boxing 360 outfit approximately eighteen months ago and ever since then has shown great improvement.
He further said that after months of careful tutoring, Alleyne is now ready to fight among the top contenders and if all goes well he would soon be competing among the elite world beaters. “You would be surprised at the strides this young man has made during his short sojourn in the USA,” exhorted Mr. Duffy.
Kaieteur Sport then sought to establish the reason for Alleyne’s decision to fight Jones later this month and Mr. Duffy explained that the Guyanese pugilist was enticed by the lucrative CABOFE title at stake.
He said that the acquisition of such an accolade could serve to speed up Alleyne’s bid for a world title bout. “We are taking things one step at a time and I envision that with the steady progress Lennox (Alleyne) is making that within a year he would be ranked among the top five in the world,” revealed Mr. Duffy.
At the moment, the Guyanese pugilist works out at the John’s Trinity Boxing Gym and according to Mr. Duffy; Alleyne is a workaholic, training seven days per week coupled with early morning sessions at the Public Park. “Lennox sleeps, eats and drinks boxing and is so focused that I do not see how this Jones guy is going to defeat him!”
The Guyanese pugilist is expected in the country early next week to keep his ring date with Jones and in an earlier conversation had said that he is hardly worried of the brash talks emanating from Jones. “Let him talk as much as he likes,” Alleyne had said in response to Jones’ boast of winning the bout. “When we get in the ring he will have to show me what he has.”
Meanwhile, Alleyne is sparring with Ronson Frank, one of the Franks’ clan, and is getting optimum sparring sessions. The young Frank is a light/heavyweight world contender whose phenomenal rise to the top of the heap in the USA has also placed him on the verge of a world title fight soon. He will accompany Alleyne to Guyana next Tuesday to assist him in rounding off preparations.
Alleyne’s trainer, Mr. Duffy will also travel to Guyana as a part of his team. “We see great potential in Lennox and I was instructed to be present to ensure that all is well,” said Mr. Duffy. He also said that Alleyne is anxious to return home to exhibit his newly acquired techniques in front of his countrymen. “It would be a great show and I would advise the Guyanese boxing supporters to leave that day free of all other activities so that they could support this young man,” said Mr. Duffy. “You just cannot afford to miss it,” he concluded.

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