Dem boys seh…Nobody tekking this prophecy serious

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De world have people who believe anything. De Waterfalls Boss Man got a thing he does seh. “If you don’t stand up fuh something you gun fall fuh anything.”
A man preach how de world gun end tomorrow. Well people in Guyana ain’t listening to he because dem tekking life just how it come. Dem sporting as usual.
Dem boys did expect that Bharrat woulda call people and share out money suh that dem can enjoy dem last days. He try a thing wid dem sugar workers because he announce that he giving dem $300 million. However, he is not paying dem before tomorrow. He paying dem till in June.
It could be that he decide that de world gun end and if he hold back de payment then de world gun end and he ain’t got to pay no money. One of dem boys actually seh that is because he believe that de world gun end mek he ain’t travel yet.
Dem boys walk round and dem was expecting to see people drinking dem life away. Nutten of de sort ain’t happening. Another thing that does happen when people believe de world coming to an end is that church does full. All dem church empty.
And this thing happening pun a Saturday night. Dem boys decide that dem gun walk round and see wha all dem Ministers doing. Dem want see if some of dem gun tek out de money dem have. Some get dem money in strange ways. If de world gun really end dem would have to pray for a lot of forgiveness.
One thing is certain, Bharrat done pray fuh forgiveness. He hug up Trotty de other day pun a stage. But he do other wrang things. He tell lie pun Uncle Adam and he cuss Uncle Glenn.
But de same Uncle Glenn cheap. He didn’t even give he staff a bonus before de world end tomorrow.
Talk half. Lef half.

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