Bandits nabbed by Soesdyke residents after high-speed chase

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– cash, shotgun taken as grocery, customers robbed

Heavily armed bandits last evening terrorised a Soesdyke businessman and his family, before making off with a significant amount of cash and a shotgun. However, in a dramatic twist, residents of the area later chased a suspicious car and held two men before police subsequently detained them. The car was reportedly taken to the Timehri Police Station.
According to residents, at least three men escaped by boat via the Demerara River
While the family was too shaken to talk last night, neighbours said that the bandits, who they believed used a boat on the nearby Demerara River to make their escape, arrived around 20:00hrs at “Lelow”, a popular grocery store owned by businessman, Fidel Raghoo.
Several customers in the shop were ordered to lie on the floor and they were robbed of cash and cell phones. Raghoo who was reportedly beaten, was taken to his home, located above the business at 85 Soesdyke Public Road, where the armed men forced him to hand over his valuables and a double-barrel shotgun.
“This thing happen like within five minutes. Dem boys know what they doing.”
The Raghoos are said to be a popular grocers of the area, supplying St. Cuthbert’s Mission and the Soesdyke environs for many years.
Kaieteur News was told that minutes after three of the bandits fled with their booty towards the Demerara River. An alarm was raised, and just then neighbours saw a white Toyota AT192 speeding out from a building next door to the Raghoos. Several residents with vehicles gave chase.
“People jump in their vehicles and they chase the car. It was speeding. About four vehicles including a Tundra ketch them in Coverden,” a neighbour disclosed.
Coverden is located a few miles north of the junction, along the East Bank Demerara public road.
Two men were in the car. Residents said that car was specially equipped with turbo and was a “stick shift”.
“It like they design it for speed.”
The two men and the car were handed over to the police.
“We now looking out to see what the police doing. Because people scared and they want justice. These people are dangerous and know what they doing,” a concerned businessman of Soesdyke said last night.

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