Showers and intermittent rain to be expected along the coast – Hydromet

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Over the last 12 hours Guyana’s weather has been influenced by the entrance of a Tropical Wave which is moving westward, according to the Hydrometerological department.
The tropical wave had produced some significant amounts of rainfall along some coastal locations. This system is not associated with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), the Hydrometeorological Service advised yesterday.
According to the Hydromet, the average rainfall recorded at the 65 stations across the country was 12.3 mm.
The records indicate that the highest rainfall over 24-hour period-08hrs on May 17 to 08hrs on May 18, 2011 was 110.0mm (4.33 inches) recorded at Whim in Region Six.
The second highest amount of rainfall recorded was 100.3mm (3.94 inches) which occurred at Mibicuri in Region Six.
There were a few others stations which recorded rainfall in excess of 25.4mm (1 inch) of rainfall.
De Edwards Village, Reg.5: 30.5 mm (1.20 inches); No.63, Reg. 6: 42.4 mm (1.66 inches); Skeldon, Reg. 6: 66.0 mm (2.59 inches) spring lands Forestry, Reg.6; 53.4 mm (2.10 inches); Lethem, Reg. 9: 65.2 mm (2.56 inches)
The 24hrs Radar image showed between 25.1 mm to 100mm of Rainfall occurred in Region 6.
Over the next 24 hours, mostly cloudy conditions with frequent showers and intermittent rain at times can be expected along the coast, over some inland locations and Region Nine.
Friday and Saturday, varying cloudy conditions with occasional showers can be expected mostly along coastal locations and Region Nine.
On Sunday, mostly cloudy conditions with occasional showers can be expected.  High tide advisory is currently in effect, with Spring tide occurring at 05:04hrs at a height of 3.09metres on May 19 and is expected to end on the morning of May 21, 2011.

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