Shot trunker says … ‘I was cleaning my face in the side view mirror’

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The 44-year-old man who was shot on Tuesday by an employee of the Perreira Mining Company has denied allegations that he was attempting to break into anyone’s vehicle.
Ali Stevens, of ‘C’ Field Sophia was shot around 11:00hrs on Tuesday at Premnaranjan Place, Prashad Nagar, oblique to the Perreira Mining Company and Divisional Commander Steve Merai’s residence.
Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital, Stevens claimed that he was cleaning his face in the rear view mirror when he was shot.
“I wasn’t stealing…I was looking in the mirror to clean my face,” said the injured man yesterday. He further told this newspaper that the owner of the vehicle walked up the same time and started opening fire at him, hitting him twice.
However, police sources are maintaining that Stevens had a few items on his person which were suspected to be stolen.
Residents in the area had told Kaieteur News that the man was earlier seen trying to break into a residence next to the Hindu Temple in the area on Tuesday.
This newspaper was told that the man had jumped over the fence, but was tackled by dogs that were in the yard.
Kaieteur News understands that the suspect spent about  half of an hour in the yard and then jumped back over the fence after his attempt to enter the house failed.
One woman who might have witnessed the entire episode had told Kaieteur News that the injured man was a “neighbourhood thief”. “He does deh round de place stealing…,” she told Kaieteur News.
According to the woman, the same man had stolen a bicycle from her some time back. Recounting Tuesday’s incident, the resident said that she was sitting on her veranda when she saw the individual jumping over her neighbour’s fence.
She said that when the suspect failed in his bid to steal anything from the premises, he then left the yard and proceeded towards the parked vehicle.
The woman said he started taking off accessories from the vehicle.
Immediately a call was made to the mining company and the owner quickly came out and confronted the thief who ran into a clump of bushes.
Kaieteur News was told that the owner opened fire twice, hitting the fleeing man.
After being shot, the injured man staggered around the corner and was picked up by employees of the mining company. They assisted in getting him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Kaieteur News has learnt that the shooter has been released from police custody after being briefly held on Tuesday. Investigations are still continuing into the incident.

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