Guyanese murder accused on bail caught shoplifting in US

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Pennsylvania (PA), US ( A murder accused, said to be a Guyanese, who was on bail, was arrested last week Wednesday after he allegedly shoplifted merchandise using special bags that defeated shoplifting sensors.
According to police, they received a call around14:00hrs last Wednesday of a possible crime at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. An employee at one of the stores reported seeing a male with a foil-lined “booster bag.” Such bags are used to defeat shoplifting sensors.
Officer Shawn Pancoast made contact with the subject outside the Puma store. He reportedly had two booster bags in his possession and was wearing sunglasses from the Espirit store with the tags still on them.
An employee of the Espirit store confirmed that the sunglasses had come from the store and that they had not been paid for.
The subject, identified as Osei Thomas, 35, of Burlington, NJ, told police he’d visited the Banana Republic, Levi’s, Espirit, and Puma stores.
An employee of one of the stores told police she had seen Thomas walk to the parking lot with four full bags of merchandise and returned to the mall with two empty bags.
Thomas was found to be in possession of a Guyana passport, $83 in cash, and keys to a 2002 Nissan Altima, which police located in the parking area. The car was impounded and a search warrant was obtained. Upon searching the vehicle, police recovered additional stolen merchandise. Some 31 items with a value of $1,045.66 were recovered.
Police said Thomas admitted to selling stolen merchandise in New York City. He was charged with retail theft of $200 or more and transported to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility after failing to post $20,000 bail.
At the time of the incident, Thomas was free on bail pending a June 2011 trial in New York for a murder that occurred in 1998. Thomas was arrested for the murder in 2010. New York authorities have been advised of his most recent arrest, which could result in the revocation of his New York bail.

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