GTI gears for 60th anniversary

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As the Guyana Technical Institute gears up to celebrate its 60th Anniversary, the school yesterday held a curtain raiser in an effort to sensitise the public about what the institute is doing.
Present at yesterday’s meeting was Principal for the school Patrice Chinedu Onwuzirike; and Chairman of the Board, Major General (Ret’d) Norman Mc Lean.
It was disclosed that on Friday the school will have a programme geared at outlining the anniversary activities.
During his address, he explained that the school currently carters for about 2000 students. Major General Mc Lean said that some 600 students graduated at the last ceremony.

Chairman Norman Mc Lean and Principal Patrice Chinedu Onwuzirike

The chairman pointed out that although the school is moving along rapidly, the government funding alone cannot work.
He explained that the school is also getting assistance from donors. He said that they get assistance from Neal and Massy, Guyana Telecommunications and Telegraph Company, Republic Bank, Banks DIH, New Building Society, Metro among other major companies.
Mc Lean also stated that the school prepares young people for the technical world. According to the former Major General, Guyana is on a springboard and it’s the school’s responsibility to prepare young people.
He also acknowledged that persons entering the school might have a deficiency in Mathematics and English. The school helps students by spending extra time with them.
He noted that there are three levels at the school, Craft Level which is the lowest level. The second level is the Diploma, which usually helps students to get exemptions from the University of Guyana.
And lastly, the third level is the Technical one which attracts the working class. It was disclosed that during the August holidays, they would seek to send their students to different companies for “hands on” training.
The chairman also stated that the school is still looking for more donors. These donors have a social obligation to help invest in young people, Major General McLean said.

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