Dem boys seh… Fip didn’t have to go to court fuh US$15M

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Henry de Yellow gone home from hospital. De doctors seh that he can’t stay there any more because too many people trying to get in and de security can’t cope wid de crowd.
When de man get discharge de same time dem had two press conference, one at Office of de President and one at de technical institute. Dem also had some other events suh all de reporters was busy. Dem boys seh that was a good plan.
But Henry vex because he family cut down pun he food. All dem giving he is water because dem telling he that he got to diet. De big man crying. He claim that when he been in hospital he coulda get couple nurse to smuggle in food fuh he.
He threatening to go to court. He seh that if dem sugar workers can go to court and get dem severance pay, he can go to court and get he food.
He find out that dem sugar workers use Ramjattan. He planning to use Corbin. He believe that any opposition lawyer gun get results.
But is de court action that got dem boys talking. Dem sugar workers had to go to court fuh get US$1.5 million from Bharrat. Dem ask quiet, dem protest and dem strike. Is only when dem go to court that dem get de money.
But Fip get US$15 million and he didn’t even got to protest or anything. People protest when he get de money and two of dem even go to court to stop de money. Dem lose de court case and Fip get de money and he using it to go to school.
Dem boys seh that people at de school teaching he fuh build road. De fuss lesson is fuh buy good equipment.
Talk half. Lef half.

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