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It was Citizen Kane who suggested to Bill in the Flatshop Cambio. So Bill went to sample Guyana Stores. What an experience. A Bad One. Bill has been into East German and Russian stores with more charm and more sense of retailing.
The Booker name was painted over (look above the cash desk in the east wing so too the Booker style.
That wing-entered through some strange wall paintings and two very dusty unused patios.
The shop is higgledy-piggedly. Dusty old looking goods piled onto the shelves in not much order.
Prices handwritten, sometimes complete with mis-spellings (sandal as singular, household as two words). Staff galore hanging around. A food bar with one customer and need I go on….OK I will!
GSL’s west wing was a tad better but still no heed paid to modern retailing and concepts of space and airiness. This is not so much faded glory in GSL as a brand in free fall. What does Mr Yassin do with all that money he owe Bharrat? Get a grip Tony!
Time for another childhood haunt, time for another let down.
The Tower hotel lobby now looks like a furniture showroom. No real decoration, nothing on the walls (those mineral maps of Guyana were superb) a pool with nobody swimming and a poolside bar that was empty. Not much of an advertisement for the Guyana tourism product. Get a grip Minister Prashad!!
But it was not all bad for Bill in Main Street. Courts was a shopper’s dream. Light, airy goods clearly and sparsely laid out, assistants offering to help and it was clear from the get go that it sells much more than furniture.
Bill almost took out his wallet but he did not have any Guyana currency from the Cambio (it closes on Sundays). Somebody in Courts has been studying shops other than Gum in Red Square. Big up to them.
Perception is all, especially in the modern retailing world. If you like the place and the goods then you will buy it. Ask Citizen Glenn about his Bhena shopping experience in Camp Street. Shoes R ‘Us!
Bill will seek his wisdom. The Tower and GSL should do too.

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