Post Mortem suggests sickle cell anemia was cause of death

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A post mortem examination which was performed on the remains of 12 year-old Shemroy Anthony, revealed that he died as a result of sickle cell anemia. The lad’s stepfather told this publication last evening that during the post mortem the doctor explained that the child was suffering from sickle cell and the fight did aggravate the condition.
However, according to the lad’s relatives they were not aware that the child was suffering from the condition.
Immediately after the post mortem the lad’s remains were handed over to the relatives for burial.
Anthony’s relatives said that they are now satisfied with the answers but are still upset at the fact that when the lad was taken to the hospital no tests were done. They also said that there was no proper examination.
Relatives are of the opinion that if a proper examination was done then the doctor may have discovered that the lad was suffering from sickle cell.
On May 2, last, 12-year-old Shemroy Anthony was involved in a fight with an 11 year-old. Anthony’s parents say that ever since the fight the child was complaining of severe stomach aches and headaches but no proper examination was done by the doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
On Tuesday last, the child who is a former student of the St George’s High  School, died moments after being rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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