Man remanded for possession of firearm, narcotics and stolen articles

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Appearing before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday was Trevor King who was slapped with charges of unlawful possession of firearm, possession of narcotics and unlawful possession of articles.
It is alleged that on May 7 in Albouystown, the police found 4.768kilograms of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking in a house he owns; also on May 7, at 23 Hill Street, Albouystown the police found a .357 revolver and five live matching rounds of ammunition. On May 9 when they arrested him in the vicinity of Albouystown, King allegedly had in his possession 365grams of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. He also had, according to the prosecutor, possession of articles which were said to be stolen.
The defendant who resides at 23 Hill Street, Albouystown, pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Police Prosecutor, Steven Telford, in presenting the facts of the case, stated that the defendant owns two houses. On the day in question, the accused was taken into police custody, he stated that on May 7, and May 9, ranks from narcotics along with police officers were conducting a raid at his second house where the items were found which was not occupied at the time.
The Prosecutor objected to bail.
Trevor King, who was represented by Attorney at Law, Mr. Pooran, stated that his client was detained for 72 hours and was co-operating fully with the police.
Mr. Pooran added that the only fact which connects his client to the house is that he owns the premises. He said that the police stole $1.3 million from his client’s brothers’ premises. “They peeped over the fence, saw the money in the chair and became excited.” He also accused the police of stealing $400,000 in gold jewelry.
Prosecutor Steven Telford then told the court that he would have to make some inquires as to why the defendant was detained for so long and he would investigate about the monies found in the house.
King was subsequently denied bail and ordered to make his next court appearance today.

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