Man loses right arm, after industral accident

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Losing a hand is devastating enough, but the uncertainty of ever working again is the most painful of experiences that confronts, Toolise Ram, who has lost almost ten inches of his right hand.
The 48-year-old, father of three was executing duties, at Caricom Rice Mills, at Anna Regina, his permanent place of employment, for the last 20-years,when, tragedy struck.
Kaieteur News understands that Ram, who works at the private entity as dryer operator, on Sunday, around 5pm, was cleaning the Twin & S Dryer.
This newspaper could not ascertain from the management of the Corporation, whether Ram was observing all of the safety rules, that is a protocol of the company’s stringent rules, or whether Ram was alone at the time of the accident.
One of the senior managers, Curtis Matthias, said that from ongoing investigations, he learnt that Ram was cleaning a dryer when his hand accidentally came into contact with the machine. He said that the company is now conducting its own investigations.
According to Curtis based on the outcome of the investigations, that information would be later forwarded to the insurance company and Ram should be given some form of compensation.
Kaieteur News also spoke with Ram from his hospital bed at Suddie Public Hospital, Monday morning.
The man said that he was working on Sunday, from the three to eleven shifts, cleaning the Twin &S dryer.
He added that he had earlier turned off the machine when his right hand got caught into the facility, as he ventured to clean the field roller.
“I push up my right hand and all of a sudden the machine began to roll.’’
The frustrated Ram noted that when he realized he had lost his hand; he went over to another department and informed one of his co-workers what had happen. Ram said two fellow employees who were subsequently alerted, accompanied him to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he remains a patient.
Ram said that he would not be able to work again, because he relied strongly on his right arm. He said that he may now have to become dependable on his son for financial assistance.
Family members said they were preparing to bury the severed arm, later yesterday after it had been recovered from the machine.

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