Mahaicony residents nab ‘Saltfish’ gang member

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A young man who has since admitted to being a part of the infamous ‘Saltfish’ gang is currently in police custody after he was caught red handed stripping a car at Cottage, Mahaicony.
According to reports, residents nabbed the man in a compound at Lot 7 Cottage Mahaicony.
Monica Chisholm, the owner of the car, told this publication that some time around 23:00hrs  she woke up to use the washroom when she was alerted by relatives that two men were in her yard. According to Mrs. Chisholm, when she went into her yard she noticed that her neighbours had already caught one man who was attempting to flee.

The vehicle which was stripped of its parts.

She said that another man was seen fleeing from her yard.
“We see one of the men running towards a white car which was parked like five houses from where I am living.”
She further related that the persons who apprehended the man tied him up because he made several attempts to escape.
This newspaper was told that the man while being held by the residents revealed that he is the grandson of the head of the ‘Saltfish gang’ from Annandale. Reports are that while being held, the man also related that they are sent by his grandfather and father to strip vehicles of all types of their parts and they would then sell the stolen parts to unsuspecting persons.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Chisholm, on realising that one of the vehicles parked under her house was stripped of most of its parts, decided to call the Cove and John Police Station as well as the Mahaica Police Station.
“I called and reported the matter and told them that the men fled in a white car and asked if roadblocks could be set up. They tell me they ain’t got ranks.”
The woman said that one of her son’s followed the car with the fleeing men up to a point but lost it somewhere along the East Coast of Demerara. She added that when the police arrived the man was handed over but when they arrived at the Mahaica Police Station, he attempted to escape while being taken into the station.
“While they carrying him up in the station he tried running away and the police fired some shot in the air to scare him.”
Up to press time yesterday the man was still in police custody assisting with investigation. He has since identified one of his accomplices as Shameer Mohamed.
Last December, Shameer Mohamed along with Azamadeen Mohamed, 37,  Basil Balgobin, 35, and 62-year-old Bhiro Persaud were remanded to prison after they were caught and beaten while staking out Parika. One of the men was caught attempting to strip a truck in the area.
They appeared at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrates Court before Magistrate Nayasha Williams-Hatmin to answer a charge of attempting to commit a felony.

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