Executed ex-boxer reportedly abducted from his home

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As police continue to investigate the murder of former light-welterweight boxer Linden ‘Buckman’ Mortley, reports have surfaced that he was abducted and executed by a group of men in two cars.
Mortley, of Lot 13 Sussex Street, Charlestown, was found dead with a bullet wound beneath the right ear on Sunday night on the ‘Busta Bridge’ connecting Festival City to Lamaha Springs.
Kaieteur News was told yesterday that about five men, who used two cars, took the 44-year-old Mortley to the scene. A source, who gave the licence numbers of the vehicles, said one car was blue and the other white.

Linden ‘Buckman’ Mortley

Residents then heard three gunshots, and when the cars left, Mortley was seen lying motionless on the bridge.  While the motive for the killing is unclear, Kaieteur News has confirmed that on April, 6, 2009, Mortley was accused of selling two grenades to undercover cops.
It was alleged that on April 9, 2009, he made another sale, this time of a handgun to another undercover cop. The transactions were reportedly recorded on video surveillance.
Legislation was enacted last year for the acceptance of video surveillance in the courts, and Mortley was charged under the new Act and was supposed to have appeared in front of Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton.
Suzette Mortley, the slain man’s wife, said that she is also convinced that her husband was executed.
“They wanted him dead. They shot him to kill him. I don’t know why they wanted him dead. That is the part that is beating me.”
Mrs. Mortley denied that her husband had left the couple’s home on Sunday night after receiving a call.
The woman, who is a vendor, said that she last saw her husband alive around 19:00 hrs. She recalled asking him to collect some fish for her from a relative.
“He was to pick up some fish from his sister, but he said he would pick it up tomorrow (Monday).”
She said that Mortley gave no indication that he would be going out, since he had already cleaned and parked his motorcycle.
However, she said that her husband then went to the gate and sat on the bridge and she had no idea when he left. But she is certain that someone picked him up, since the ex-boxer seldom moved around without his motorcycle.
The woman said that as far as she knew, Mortley had no trouble with anyone, and had given no indication that he was worried about anything.
“He was in a jovial mood. He didn’t seem like if anything was bothering him.”
So, when a Kaieteur News reporter visited her home to inform her that her husband might have been slain, the woman said that she was certain that the reporter was mistaken.
“I knew in my heart that it wasn’t he (since) my husband don’t be in any problem and nobody wanted to kill he.
“But after I calling he phone and getting no answer, I say, ‘Why he ain’t answer?’”
After getting a description of the slain man and of his clothing, Mrs. Mortley went to Festival City where she was greeted by the sight of her husband’s body.
She said that his mobile phone was missing.
Mrs. Mortley also confirmed that her spouse had been charged for possession of a grenade and firearm but said that one of the charges was dismissed.
She also claimed that he had been a victim of mistaken identity. According to the woman, Mortley had earned a living driving a minibus on the South Ruimveldt/Georgetown route, but the vehicle has been down for some time.
She also described him as a caring father to the couple’s two daughters, aged 14 and 12.  “My husband struggled with his bus, and I struggled with my selling. All he lived for was his children.”
Mortley’s boxing career spanned from 1985 to 1993, and members of the boxing fraternity described him as a very capable fighter. But some said that he later made several wrong choices which could have led to his demise.

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