Dem boys seh… Government playing catcher wid people money

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Life in Guyana get like a computer code. Dem have some secret codes that does protect de computer. When de hacker tackle the first set of numbers de whole code does change and it does keep changing all de time.
Dem boys seh that de government behaving like a computer code. When dem was wukking pun dem road and dem boys decide to check, right away de government switch. Dem start fuh wuk pun pump station.
Dem boys start fuh zero in pun de pump station, de government switch to koker. And all de time is millions of dollars in contract. Dem boys lef de pump station and tun to de koker.
De governments immediately switch to bridges and culverts and schools. Somebody believe that de more contract dem put out de less people dem boys can find to monitor de projects. Wha dem don’t know is that by then people start fuh understand and dem same people decide that dem gun help dem boys watch.
Things reach de stage when some contractor get kick out start fuh help spy pun dem contract. That is how dem boys get a chance to put people pun every project.
Well de government changing more fast that dem computer code and dem boys up to task because dem changing just as fast. That is how de government cancel a contract that dem boys had dem eyes pun. To this day de contract ain’t tek up.
But dem boys finding out something that dem never think about. De government now decide to put out one big contract. In this way, dem boys got to stop and think. By de time dem find out that dem get shaft, de contract done execute.
That is how Fip get de hydro road contract and how Sithe Global get de construction job. De contract got US$200 million extra and dem boys watching fuh see wheh it gun go.
Talk half. Lef half.

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