Dem boys seh…Sam get back he memory

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Mouth open, ‘tory jump out. Is better fuh keep you mouth shut than fuh open it and let people see wha you got inside. De project people open dem mouth yesterday but dem boys had to get a stick fuh force open dem mouth.
Dem been plan wid Catty Mees fuh talk piece, piece story in a corner but dem boys get vex and de people had to change whatever style dem had. Dem open dem mouth and tell dem boys how dem buy Fip licence. Is dem announce that. Dem nah decide how much dem gun pay Fip because de project nah finalise yet.
But Sam seh how Fip had a right to sell de licence. Dem boys seh that Sam wrang. Dem seh that if is a firearm licence Government can revoke it.
De Government does revoke driver’s licence when people default in dem agreement fuh use de road.
Fip default wid de hydro, why Government didn’t revoke de licence? That is wha dem boys want fuh know. De government coulda then tek de same licence and sell it to Sithe Global.
A lot of people now talking that dem know nuff cockishness involve. When Fip collect de licence money, about US$50 million, somebody very high in de wings gun collect he pension just like how Sam collect he memory.
He watch he own signature pun a 2006 document and he couldn’t remember, but he remember everything wha happen since 1997, nine years prior,  wid he and Fip. He remember he and Fip sign a MOU in 1998 but he couldn’t remember de one in 2006.
Selective Memory is wha dem boys does call that.
Talk about cockishness. Dem boys wonder if he remember he buy a GuySuCo house at Farm. Dem boys seh that he must be forget how much he pay, or if he pay.
Talk half. Lef half.

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