Constabulary Officers accused of physically assaulting female guard

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Melissa Downer

The City Constabulary is currently investigating the alleged beating of a female guard from a private security firm by four of its own, on Tuesday, last, at the Stabroek Market Constabulary Office. Andrew Foo, Chief Constabulary Officer, has confirmed that there is a probe into the matter.
A tearful Melissa Downer, who contacted Kaieteur News yesterday, claims that her alleged perpetrators accused her of being a prisoner and she was delivered severe blows about her body during the ordeal, which lasted for several minutes.
Downer stated that after she completed providing security services to the Constabulary Office, her alleged perpetrators refused to sign her release, instead they started abusing her verbally and physically.
She is of the belief that her maltreatment was as a result of her tagging some of the officers attached to the Constabulary as wicked and stressful. Downer said she expressed this while telling a friend of her feelings towards the Constabulary. She contends that one of the officers probably overheard her conversation and that may have sparked the altercation.
Downer recounted that, “Dey (Constabulary Officer) refuse to book me out. I tell dem yes y’all don’t want book me out but y’all does want do a lot of stupidness and tek way people greens, and breaking de stand dem down and saying is junkie, but I see wha does go on… and I seh I going and report it at headquarters.”
Following her threat to report the alleged delinquent officers, Downer claims one of the female officers grabbed her shirt and cuffed her, causing her to fall to the ground. The officer continued to assault her and the other three joined in.
“One ah dem juk me with a umbrella and scratch me near my eye. Another one kick me up in my back and cuff me to my ears. When I get up I scratch one ah dem and bite one ah dem, and dey handcuff me, put me on de bench to sit down in constab and seh them gon kill me and me children dem; dem gon shoot me and me children because me like f…ing talk,” she further claims.
“After dem done, dey carry me outside and seh me is a prisoner, so I seh I is not a prisoner, I is a working woman…I don’t thief, I don’t kill, I is no murder, I ain’t deserve dis treatment.”
Downer stated that she was then taken to the City Constabulary Office where she told a gentleman she was unwell and her entire body was in pain and asked to be taken to the hospital. At approximately after 11:00 hrs she was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment wearing handcuffs.
A police statement was taken at the Hospital but the Constabulary Officer who took Downer for treatment did not give it to her.
The aggrieved Downer claims that she went to the Brickdam Police Station on Wednesday to file a complaint, since there is uncertainty that she will receive justice from the Constabulary. However, Foo stated that there is an Investigation Department that looks into such complaints.
Downer noted that around 13:00 hrs, a male police officer while taking her complaint told her she likes to talk too much. Being unable to give the names of her alleged perpetrators, Downer was asked if she can identify the persons who allegedly assaulted her and she responded in the affirmative.
Downer is saddened by the fact that she was not taken to identify her alleged offenders and no one was taken into custody. She plans to seek an audience with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs for assistance.

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